About Us

Lifeline Travel is located inside the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Student Union.  Our store inside UNLV offers travel services. cell phones, batteries, chargers, cables and a long list of inventory for all your smart devices and computer needs.

Our Lifeline Travel Club Membership delivers the greatest savings on travel.  Here’s how:

  • We negotiate wholesale rates through a network of travel providers.
  • We receive live hotel inventory and rates directly from Hotels.
  • We pass the savings directly to our members.
  • We show a live comparison of other websites.
  • We provide a 110% Best Price Guarantee

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Lifeline Travel members have access to Hotels, Weekly Stays, Rental Cars, Bonus Weeks, Cruises, Airfare and more. Our members also have access to Vacation Homes, Worldwide tours, Activities and excursions.

For more information on how a Lifeline Travel club membership can save you money, watch our YouTube video or schedule an appointment for a one on one customized demonstration.